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KIG, Inc. (Keith Industrial Group, Inc.) specializes in the Buying, Selling, and Refurbishing of Air Cooled Chillers for Industry and Commercial Use. We ship about 100 air cooled chillers annually in the 2 to 90 ton range from our 13,000 square foot Massachusetts facility, where we run and test the units thoroughly. We also sell several new lines of chillers in the 3 to 15 ton range, offering both cost effective options as well as high end Glycol Units for low temperature applications. Our pre-owned and new chillers are used in:

  • Comfort Cooling Applications
  • Breweries / Wineries
  • Manufacturing, Plating, Plastics, Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Bio Diesel

We are always looking for late model chillers to purchase, and trade-ins are considered. Our expertise in chillers came via the owner's 25 years of equipment experience in the Plastics Industry, combined with our lead technician's 25 years of field experience servicing and repairing chillers of all types. To a lesser degree, KIG does still deal in select plastics process equipment and other industrial equipment.