2024 New 10 ton Air Cooled Glycol Chiller * DUAL CIRCUIT! * outdoor, Made in USA

2024 New 10 ton Air Cooled Glycol Chiller * DUAL CIRCUIT! * outdoor, Made in USA

$22,000 (USD)

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** Currently this dual circuit unit is being built on a made-to-order basis.

This is one of many units offered by Keith Industrial Group (KIG) in the 2 to 300 ton range. 2024 New, USA made R-Series 10.0 hp / ton Air Cooled Glycol Chiller. Made in USA Ideal for brewery, winery, plastics, industrial, lab, manufacturing, plating, etc. DUAL COPELAND COMPRESSORS & DUAL HEAT EXCHANGERS. This is a true dual circuit chiller. There are 2 compressors, each with their own refrigerant circuit and each with their own coil evaporator/exchanger within the chiller's reservoir, and each with their own thermostat control. You can stage operation as desired, by adjusting setpoint and differential for each circuit. Chiller can run at 50% capacity with one circuit off, should the need arise. 120,000 BTU/HR heat removal -@ 95F degree ambient,45F degree water out nominal ratings. Chiller is capable of 25F setpoint operation (use ~ 35% glycol concentration). Estimated btus at 25F: 60,000 BUT/HR Electrical: 460 / 60HZ / 3 P, 24 volt controls,. Run Load: 23.6 Amps. Minimum Ampacity: 26; Maximum Ampacity: 47. Upgrade to Digital Temp Control for both compressors. 40 gallon, 16 gage, 304 stainless steel closed evaporator tank with coil inside. Sealed, with high pressure bypass. Upgrade to 2 HP high head water pump. Low ambient start-up package flooded condenser type w receivers. This is a high end and preferred approach to low ambient operation if you are not familiar with outdoor rated chillers. R - 422 D >> charge site glass on each circuit. Hi/Lo pressure switches. Analog water temperature and pressure gauges. Air-cooled condenser. Dual fans. Outdoor rated (OK for indoor operation too). Low and High Ambient option. Cabinet: 18 and 20 gage Phos coat galvanized steel finished with polyester powder coat. Warranty. 1 year parts only warranty on chiller. 5 years on compressor part. Customer Service: Keith Industrial Group, Inc. (KIG) 104 Sterling St. Clinton, MA 01510


ComponentsDual 5 ton Copeland Hermetic
Compressor typedual hermetic
Btu cooling rating120,000 btu/hr nominal
Supply voltage460 volt
FeaturesBuilt-In Bypass option
Cooling capacity10 ton
Services availableFreight - Check the item description or Contact the seller for details
Etl/csa laboratory approvedETL # 63122 & CAN/CSA NO. 236
Base frame1/8 - inch angle & channel iron.
Approximate crated weight1000 LBS.
Physical dimensions30" wide, 54" long, and 72" tall