2024 New 10 ton K-Series Air Cooled Glycol Chiller, 25F capable, OUTDOOR RATED Made in USA

2024 New 10 ton K-Series Air Cooled Glycol Chiller, 25F capable, OUTDOOR RATED Made in USA

$17,950 (USD)

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** update 2-14-24: We currently have BOTH voltages in stock! But please check with us we receive orders daily on all chillers:

This is one of many units offered by Keith Industrial Group (KIG) in the 2 to 300 ton range. 2023 New, USA made K-Series 10.0 hp / ton Air Cooled Glycol Chiller. Made in USA 208/220/230 volt 3 phase power - FLA 57 Amps (MOPD = 90 amp) (we built in 460 volt too) OUTDOOR RATED & Weatherproof (OK for indoor installation also). Low & High Ambient Option. If you run indoors the high ambient option helps out for warm factories (many indoor chillers have maximum ambient rating of 95F... this unit is substantially higher). Industrial Condenser Coil and Construction (this is NOT a modified Air Conditioner unit) 120,000 btu/hr at ~55 f water temp capable of 25F to ~ 70F fluid setpoint range at 25F glycol temps estimated btu/hr is 60,000 Ideal for brewery, winery, plastics, industrial, lab, manufacturing, plating, etc. R-410A Refrigerant Copeland Scroll compressor Brazed plate stainless steel evaporator Evaporator in-line water strainer Remote mount digital display thermostat - 30 ft cable Color coded control wire for thermostat Thermal expansion valve, refrigerant Site Glass Liquid Line Filter-Drier Washable condenser debris filters on both front and back long sides Safety controls: Low water flow / flow switch, High and low refrigerant pressure, Temperature sensor failure protection, Compressor crankcase heater, Compressor overload protection, Fan motor overload protection, Pump overload protection, Short cycle protection. This unit is built to KIG specs with - upgrade 3 HP Process Pump - 1.5" inlet and outlet connections - flow fault alarm/buzzer - extra insulation on glycol lines, heat exchanger, and pump head Stainless steel pump head /Stainless steel pump impeller Ambient control: Low ambient fan lock-out thermostat, Low head pressure fan control (unit is outdoor rated). 64" long x 36" wide x 49" tall 12 months parts warranty Customer Service: Keith Industrial Group, Inc. (KIG) 104 Sterling St. Clinton, MA 01510


ComponentsCompressor, Condensing Unit, Evaporator, Heat Exchanger, Refrigerant tank, copeland scroll
Compressor typeScroll
Btu cooling rating120,000 btu/hr nominal
Supply voltage230 V
FeaturesBuilt-In Bypass option
MpnKIG BCD-10A, KIG K-series
Cooling capacity10 ton
Services availableFreight - Check the item description or Contact the seller for details
Water tank62 gallon insulated tank