NEW! 15hp Scot Centrifugal Pump Model 56F-SF


NEW! 15hp Scot Centrifugal Pump Model 56F-SF

$3,500 (USD)


New 15hp Scot Motorpump Model 56F-SF currently IN STOCK at our Clinton, MA location. Description: Scot Model 56F-SF 3"x3" Flange 5.36" Diameter Impeller BN-CM Mechanical Seal Coupled to 15 HP, 3/60/230/460, 3450 RPM 400 gpm at 110 ft head (48 psi) **TEFC MOTOR The information on the black tag in the photo includes the following, written out for your convenience. Model- 01536ET3E215JM-W22 PH 3 FR 213/5JM HP(kW) 15.0 (11.0) Hz 60 SF 1.25 PF 0.89 V 230/460 A 34.0/17.0 RPM 3510 INS. CL. F change T 80K IPFF NEMA NOM EFF 91% DES A DUTY CONT. AMB 40 degrees Celsius ENCL TEFC SFA 42.5/21.3 USABLE 208V 37.6 A SF 1.15 SFA 43.2 15HP 11kW 50 Hz 20.6A 2885 RPM SF1.00 EFF 89.0% (IE1) CODE h 179 LBS


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