Watts 3/4" LF25AUB-LP-Z3 Water Pressure Reducing Valve 10-35psi range set @30psi

Watts 3/4" LF25AUB-LP-Z3 Water Pressure Reducing Valve 10-35psi range set @30psi

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This series LF25AUB-Z3, 3/4 inch, lead free, brass water pressure reducing valve is designed to reduce incoming water pressure to a predetermined level, thereby protecting downstream plumbing system components and reducing water consumption for commercial, industrial and residential application. The easy maintenance assembly consists of a replaceable seat module, NPT threaded female union inlet by NPT female outlet and a bypass feature to control thermal expansion pressure. The temperature range is 33 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (0.5 to 82 degrees Celsius). The low pressure range is 10 to 35 psi (69 to 241 kPa) with the standard setting at 30 psi (207 kPa). Features Sealed spring cage with stainless steel cage screws Integral stainless steel strainer Integral bypass feature that controls thermal expansion pressure Designed for easy in-line servicing; has replaceable seat module Item price includes free shipping for all of the lower 48 states.


Country/region of originUnited States
Materialbronze, lead free
Pressure reducing valve typesingle union
Suitable mediawater
Outlet diameter3/4 in
Inlet diameter3/4 in
Connection size3/4 in
Pressurelow pressure 10-35psi
Minimum adjustable output pressure10psi
Maximum output pressure35psi
Edp #9280
Body materialbronze